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I was introduced to Christie through a fellow photographer, Karlie from Lush Light Photography. From our first meeting, where Christie and I talked about her wedding in Worcester Massachusetts, I was very excited to be a part of her day! Christie and EJ had a smaller, intimate ceremony at the Crompton Collective, filled with guests from around the world. It was such a pleasure documenting their special day. Here are some words from the happy couple describing the excitement of the day:

After our engagement, we challenged ourselves with this task: to plan a celebration of our relationship without losing the meaning of it in the process. Despite some bumpy patches (inevitable during remote planning), we made it to the day, and it was lovely. From the outset we had envisioned a simple setting with natural beauty, and the White Room at Crompton Collective provided just that. Given that our guests were a mix of cultures and beliefs, we wanted to create an inclusive ceremony–one that they would not only witness but also participate in. With Claire Miller’s wonderful help, we accomplished that using a guest pledge and a ring warming ritual, which were mixed in with more traditional elements. We also offered front-row seating to the kids in the form of a personalized flower garden created by meNu. The ceremony wording strongly expressed our values: our relationship was described via the symbol of a sapling, and elements of mindfulness practice were incorporated into our vows to each other.

We’re happy to say that this mindfulness continued throughout the day and allowed us to genuinely enjoy the moments we had with our friends and family. Deviations from the plan became opportunities to laugh and just wing it. Instead of being removed from the present by feelings of stress or disappointment, we were able to enjoy the present for what it was. And because so many of our loved ones had owned a piece of the day–from the music to the decor to the games–it became a celebration not only of us (the couple), but of the people whose friendship and care surrounds us.

Additional vendors:

Venue: The White Room at Crompton Collective, Amy Lynn Chase

Officiant: Claire A. Miller, JP

Caterer: Struck Catering, Cindy Card

Signage: meNu A Design Company, Tracy David Bryce

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